Salad Pack (6 packs) Varieties may vary

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The Salad Pack is a collection of some of the most nutritious greens available. Providing a high concentration of nutrients with fast-growing, easy-to-grow varieties for fresh eating in green salads or as excellent cooked vegetables. The Salad Pack contains 6 varieties of the most nutritious greens.

Lettuce: Bronze Mignonette – (250+ seeds) 60 days

Its bronze leaves are crisp and perfect for salads and sandwiches.

Lettuce: Butterhead Buttercrunch - (250+ seeds) 45 days

Buttercrunch is a loose head lettuce that is similar to the bibb type. Buttercrunch has thick green leaves and small, tight head. It maintains its sweetness well when grown in the heat of summer. Goes into fall without bolting.

Kale: Premier – (250+ seeds) 60 days

Produces copious amounts of tasty green leaves. Smooth leaves with scalloped edges. Extremely high in antioxidants and beta carotene. Kale is a real super-food! Very flavorful.

Kale: Blue Curled Scotch - (250+ seeds) 60 days

This variety is delicious, nutritious, and attractive. An extremely strong producer. Use in salads or stir-frys.

Spinach – New Zealand - (35+ seeds) 90 days

Tasty and fascinating heirloom veggie has been grown since the 1770’s. Particularly noted for its extremely high vitamin content.

Spinach – Bloomsdale Long Standing- (100+ seeds) 90 days

The finest spinach variety on the market today. Deep Green leaves produce abundant yields of delicious and nutritious spinach.