Salad Pack (6 packs) Varieties may vary

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The Salad Pack is a collection of some of the most nutritious greens available. Providing a high concentration of nutrients with fast-growing, easy-to-grow varieties for fresh eating in green salads or as excellent cooked vegetables. The Salad Pack contains 6 varieties of the most nutritious greens.

Lettuce: Bronze Mignonette – (250+ seeds) 60 days

Its bronze leaves are crisp and perfect for salads and sandwiches.

Lettuce: Salad Bowl Green - (250+ seeds) 45 days

Crisp and tender with a sweet flavor. Large, deeply lobed, green leaves. Large, light-green upright, loose, tender, wavy, deep-notched leaves. Stays mild and sweet. Fast growing, big-yielding variety.

Kale: Premier – (250+ seeds) 60 days

Produces copious amounts of tasty green leaves. Smooth leaves with scalloped edges. Extremely high in antioxidants and beta carotene. Kale is a real super-food! Very flavorful.

Kale: Blue Curled Scotch - (250+ seeds) 60 days

This variety is delicious, nutritious, and attractive. An extremely strong producer. Use in salads or stir-frys.

Spinach – New Zealand - (35+ seeds) 90 days

Tasty and fascinating heirloom veggie has been grown since the 1770’s. Particularly noted for its extremely high vitamin content.

Spinach – Bloomsdale Long Standing- (100+ seeds) 90 days

The finest spinach variety on the market today. Deep Green leaves produce abundant yields of delicious and nutritious spinach.