Heirloom Garden Seeds

Keeping Heirlooms in the family

Why Choose ClearCreekSeeds?

100% Non-GMO

We will never buy or sell genetically modified seeds. We provide only the best for you.

Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom seeds have been passed down for generations for one reason, because they are the best.

“Heirlooms, Taste the Difference” is our motto.

Try them.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Not completely satisfied with your order? Let us know and we will make it right, guaranteed!

“Safe Packets”

Packets made from #5 Polypropylene which will not leach harmful chemicals

Clearly see the seed count and quality.

No Surprises!

See through Packaging

Clear packs help you quickly see how many seeds you have

seed packs

Our packages give you the ability to save your seeds for later

They're also waterproof!

Variety Packs

For those who need help choosing

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