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  • Basil - Cinnamon (250+ seeds)

    Basil - Cinnamon (250+ seeds)

    A cultivar of sweet basil and adds a unique and zesty punch to a variety of dishes as well as teas and fruits.

  • Basil - Large Leaf Italian (250+ seeds)

    Basil - Large Leaf Italian (250+ seeds)

    Incredibly versatile herb that can be used to spice up any Italian food – from soups to pasta sauce, pesto to pizza! Plant Organic Large Leaf Italian Basil Seeds indoors or out and be sure to provide plenty of...

  • Basil - Sweet (250+ seeds)

    Basil - Sweet (250+ seeds)

    The most popular herb seeds in the world. As versatile as it is tasty, sweet basil can be used to make just about any dish taste delicious. Plant Sweet Basil seeds inside or out, and use either fresh or dried...