Garden Starter Collection (10 packs) Varieties may vary

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Note: Varieties may vary throughout the season.


Lettuce - Little Gem

(250+ seeds) An excellent salad lettuce, tends to have a pleasantly distinctive nutty flavor.

Squash - Early Prolific Straightneck

(20+ seeds) Smooth ivory flesh with delicate flavor. Slice with skin on, mix with green-skinned types for an appealing contrast.

Tomato – Roma

(50+ seeds) A popular tomato preferred for Italian paste and canning. 
If you are a fan of fresh tomato sauce, you should be growing Roma tomatoes in your garden. Growing and caring for Roma tomato plants means that you will be growing the perfect tomato for making delicious sauces. 

Kale - Premier

(250+ seeds) Vigorous grower that will produce an abundant yield. Slow bolting variety that is best suited to cooler climates.

Cucumber - Boston Pickling

(35+ seeds) Heirloom variety that is excellent for pickling and salads. Plant in full or partial sun and enjoy strong yields of tasty cucumbers.

Onion - Red Grano

(150+ seeds) Plant produces medium size red onions. A crisp and mild flavored onion. Perfect for salads and cooking. A short stay onion. 

Pepper - California Wonder

(50+ seeds) Not just any bell pepper, the best of class. 
The California Wonder pepper is a standard bell pepper that is widely adapted. The California Wonder contains high amounts of vitamin A and C. Much preferred by many market growers and home gardeners. Tender, crisp, & sweet for Salads and Stuffing.

Beans – Kentuck Wonder Brown

(25+ seeds) Popular, heavy producing Pole Bean. Great for eating fresh, freezing or canning when pods are young. Makes a good shell bean when left to mature fully

Carrot - Tendersweet 

(300+ seeds) A uniform deep orange carrot with great sweet flavor. 
The Tendersweet is one of the sweetest carrots on the market! It has a rich orange flesh that won't fade and holds color during cooking. This variety is great for home gardens.

Cabbage - Red Acre

(150+ seeds) 80 days. The Red Acre cabbage is as colorful as it is delicious. Excellent in coleslaw.