Fall Variety Pack (10 packs) Varieties may vary

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 Variety pack includes:

Beet - Ruby Queen

(100+ seeds) These beets are smooth and tender. The round root of the Ruby Queen Beet is dark red with a buttery texture. These beets are especially good for canning and pickling, and they keep their color. Beets can handle poor soil.

Broccoli - Calabrese

(200+ seeds) 50 days. Produces compact dark green central head, with many lateral or side shoots over a long season. Good in short season areas with cool nights.

Cabbage - Golden Acre

(75+ seeds) A tasty cabbage that arrives early and is suited for close spacing. 
This early round head cabbage is easily grown and versatile in use. Heads are about 6 to 7 inches in diameter on compact plants about a foot high. Its firm, medium green head is excellent cooked or raw in stews and salads.

Cauliflower - Snowball Y Improved

(100+ seeds) This cauliflower is known for vigorous, rapid growth and long harvest. It's head is snow-white that measures 7-8" inches. across. Give cauliflower fertile soil, full sun and steady moisture and you'll be rewarded with large, delicious heads that are high in vitamin C.

Kale - Dwarf Siberian

(250+ seeds) For garnish and hearty winter dishes. 
Frilly green and purple leaves.   

Lettuce - Buttercrunch

(250+ seeds) Buttercrunch is a loose head lettuce that is similar to the bibb type. Buttercrunch has thick green leaves and small, tight head. It maintains its sweetness well when grown in the heat of summer. Goes into fall without bolting.

Onion - Southport White Globe

(150+ seeds) An Heirloom vegetable, the Southport White Globe is a classic staple onion noted for its versatility in all types of cuisine. As its name implies, it is a globe-shaped variety that produces mildly delicious white onions suitable for cooking, salads, and more. Plant Southport White Globe seeds in just about any climate, but it is particularly noted for its ability to thrive in cooler weather.

Radish - Crimson Giant

(100+ seeds) The Crimson Giant is a rapid growing radish, with developing roots of a beautiful deep crimson color, which vary in shape from round to almost oval, weighing up to 1 ½ ounces per bulb. This can grown up to 4 times a normal sized radish! But not withstanding its immense size, does not get hollow or pithy, the flesh remaining sparkling white, solid, crisp and juicy, and of the mildest flavor. 

Spinach - New Zealand

(35+ seeds) An easy growing, great tasting spinach. 
New Zealand is not related to true spinach but the leaves taste similar to spinach, many think better tasting! It does not bolt in hot weather nor does it typically turn bitter and it is valued because of its high vitamin C content. 

Swiss Chard - Ruby Red

(50+ seeds) Delicious and nutritious? Will bear crops all summer long and into the fall. Use in salads or steam it for a delicious and nutritious side dish.