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  • Corn – (Sweet) Golden Bantam (30+ seeds)

    Corn – (Sweet) Golden Bantam (30+ seeds)

    Golden Bantam Corn is an old time favorite selected for its tenderness. Golden Bantam Corn has a great sweet flavor that is a fast maturer. Ideal for freezing and fresh "corn on the cob" eating. Produces an abundance of delicious sweet corn.Product...

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  • Corn – (Sweet) Golden Beauty (30+ seeds)

    Corn – (Sweet) Golden Beauty (30+ seeds)

    Golden Beauty is a rugged and versatile variety that will grow in just about any soil and in just about any climate. An exceptional early corn that tends to produce a large yield. Golden Beauty is a trusted heirloom corn variety first...

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  • Corn – Strawberry Popcorn (30+ seeds)

    Corn – Strawberry Popcorn (30+ seeds)

    100 days from direct-sowing. Put this novelty popping corn at the top of your list for garden fun! A mini variety that sets strawberry-shaped ears just 2 to 3 inches long, it's perfect for fall decorating and for popcorn. Create a mini Three Sisters...

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