Melon - Cantaloupe Edisto 47 (40+ seeds)

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Flesh coloring is a deep rich salmon color having tender but firm flesh.  Vines are extremely vigorous with large leaves and rather heavy stems. Melon size is a bit larger than Hale's Best Jumbo being about 4-5 lbs. 


Planting Tips:


Can be direct sown in warmer climates after soil temperatures reach 70, plant 3-4 seeds 1/2” deep in hills 3-4’ apart on rows 5-6’ apart.  Once established, thin to two strongest plants.  For cooler climates start in pots in the greenhouse and transplant later when night time temperatures stay above 55 degrees.  Start seedlings 3 weeks before last frost.  Once seedlings are 4” tall and soil temperatures are 70, plant in rich loose soil.


Keep well watered until fruits are tennis ball sized and then water only if absolutely needed.


85 days.