Corn – Strawberry Popcorn (30+ seeds)

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100 days from direct-sowing. Put this novelty popping corn at the top of your list for garden fun! A mini variety that sets strawberry-shaped ears just 2 to 3 inches long, it's perfect for fall decorating and for popcorn. Create a mini Three Sisters planting, get the kids and grandkids involved in spring planting and fall harvesting, and have a blast! Strawberry Popcorn sets 4-foot stalks, each bearing 2 to 4 ears packed with glossy magenta-red kernels. Grow it just as you would sweet corn, but let the ears dry out right on the stalk for about a month. (Then, if you plan to use the kernels for popping, let them dry on the ear for another month after picking. If you're using them for decorating, they're ready to go as soon as you harvest the ear.) Direct-sow the seeds right into the warm spring soil, selecting a site with good drainage, full sunshine, and rich in nutrients. A circle or clump formation works better for pollination than a row, unless you are planting several rows. Space the seeds (or thin the young plants) 8 inches apart. Feed twice during the growth process. That's all there is to it! You'll love this ornamental popping corn, and may just have to make Strawberry Popcorn a yearly feature of your vegetable patch and annual bed! Plant Height 4ft Plant Width 8in - 12 in Foliage Color Medium Green Harvest Season Late Summer, Mid Summer Light Requirements Full Sun Moisture Requirements Moist, well-drained Resistance Heat Tolerant Soil Tolerance Normal, loamy Uses Beds, Cuisine, Ornamental