Beets - Ruby Queen (50+ seeds)

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These beets are smooth and tender. The round root of the Ruby Queen Beet is dark red with a buttery texture. These beets are especially good for canning and pickling, and they keep their color. Beets can handle poor soil.
Beets are biennial root vegetables that are related to Swiss chard and spinach. They are grown mostly for their roots, although the tops of the plant can also be eaten. Both the greens and the root of the Beet plant are nutritious and delicious. Although beets vary in shape and color depending on type, they often tend to be round and dark red in appearance.
Beets like sandy, well-drained, cool soil and can be planted in early spring (about a month before last frost date) as soon as the ground is workable. They are also a good choice for fall planting. Plant in full sun or part shade. Keep beets evenly watered, ensuring the soil doesn’t dry out. 
Beets can be harvested whenever you like, depending on your preferences. You can harvest young greens early by snipping them off when they reach the desired length, or wait for the root to develop and pull it up. Don’t allow the root to grow more than 3-inches, since the flavor and texture deteriorate at that point. Store beet roots in a cool place.