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  • African Marigold - "Smiles" (100+ seeds)

    African Marigold - "Smiles" (100+ seeds)

    African Marigold Smiles Seeds  Native to the warm climates of South and Central America (not Africa, believe it or not) Smiles Marigold grow tall with large, bright yellow flowers, blooming in Summer and...

  • Alyssum - Basket of Gold (200+ seeds)

    Alyssum - Basket of Gold (200+ seeds)

    This delightful alyssum is an early spring bloomer that will add dazzling golden yellow blooms to your garden. An excellent choice as a colorful groundcover or along borders and fences. Plant Alyssum “Basket of...

  • Black Eyed Susan (100+ seeds)

    Black Eyed Susan (100+ seeds)

    Black-Eyed Susan Seeds - Rudbeckia hirta Seed   A stalwart of any wildflower meadow, Black-Eyed Susan is perhaps the most emblematic of the classic North American Wildflowers. This flower is...

  • Cosmos Sulphur "Yellow" (100+ seeds)

    Cosmos Sulphur "Yellow" (100+ seeds)

    Season: Annual Height: 30 Inches Bloom Season: Spring/Summer/ Fall Environment: Full Sun/Partial Sun Zones: All Regions of North America One of wildflowers that is also a popular garden annual. It is easy to grow with no...

  • French Marigold (Dwarf) - "Dainty Marietta" (100+ seeds)

    French Marigold (Dwarf) - "Dainty Marietta" (100+ seeds)

     Dwarf French Marigold Danity Marietta Seeds A uniquely patterned Dwarf Marigold variety, French Dainty Marietta are low growing, perfect for borders, and offer bright yellow, single blooms with a...

  • Garland Daisy (100+ seeds)

    Garland Daisy (100+ seeds)

    Garland Daisy Seeds As healthful as it is pretty, the Garland Daisy has been used in holistic and herbal treatments because it is high in potassium, carotene and vitamins and minerals. While we don’t recommend...

  • Indian Blanket (100+ seeds)

    Indian Blanket (100+ seeds)

    Indian Blanket Seeds - Gaillardia pulchella seed Another delightful North American native, Indian Blanket is the annual cousin of Blanket Flower. Plant Indian Blanket seeds in a variety of...

  • Sunflower "Crimson Queen" (30+seeds)

    Sunflower "Crimson Queen" (30+seeds)

    Versatile and adaptable, this bold, red/orange bloom is offset by a striking dark center, making Crimson Queen a standout in your garden! Easy to grow, plant Sunflowers in a well draining, full sun location and watch them...

  • Sunflower "Henry Wilde" (30+ seeds)

    Sunflower "Henry Wilde" (30+ seeds)

    The classic-looking heirloom sunflower with pure yellow petals and dark centers is perfect for using as a cut flower and perfect for planting along a fence or barn. Grows to a mature height of 5 to 6 feet tall & produces...

  • Sunflower "Lemon Queen" (30+ seeds)

    Sunflower "Lemon Queen" (30+ seeds)

    Lemon Queen Helianthus is excellent for attracting birds, and butterflies Grown from Lemon Queen Sunflower seeds, this impressive annual produces a central stalk and blooms up to 12 inches and then produces several side...

  • Sunflower (Dwarf) Bambino (30+seeds)

    Sunflower (Dwarf) Bambino (30+seeds)

    A true dwarf sunflower, Bambino will reach no more than 16" high! Easy to grow and versatile, Bambino Dwarf Sunflower is great for cutting, or landscape designs. This non branching variety produces medium sized, single...

  • Sunflower (Dwarf) Teddy Bear (30+seeds)

    Sunflower (Dwarf) Teddy Bear (30+seeds)

    Like our other dwarfs, the final height depends on the size of the container. Expect 8-12" plants from seeds directly sown in a 4" pot. Earliest of the teddy types in trial, this branching variety will host 3-5" sunny,...

  • Sunflower (Dwarf) Twilight Zone (30+seeds)

    Sunflower (Dwarf) Twilight Zone (30+seeds)

    While technically a dwarf variety, Twilight Zone Sunflowers can reach heights up to 32 inches. This unique cultivar however features a branching habit and lovely yellow flowers, shaded with red. A favorite of cut flower...

  • Sunflower Black Russian (30+seeds)

    Sunflower Black Russian (30+seeds)

    Our ‘Black Russian’ Sunflower is the sunflower that produces the black oil sunflower seeds frequently used in wild bird mixes. Growing up to 15-feet tall, each blossom can measure a whopping 18-inches in diameter...

  • Sunflower Orange Sun (30+seeds)

    Sunflower Orange Sun (30+seeds)

    Another double petaled variety, this time in a vibrant orange, Orange Sun are a guaranteed conversation starter! An American native wildflower, the iconic Sunflower is an easy growing annual thats sure to brighten your day!...