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  • California Poppy "White Linen" (200+ seeds)

    California Poppy "White Linen" (200+ seeds)

    Height: 12-18 Inches Bloom Season: Spring/Summer/Fall Environment: Full Sun Zones: 6-10 (As Perennial) All Regions of North America (As Annual) Compact annual or tender perennial native to California and the southwestern...

  • Coneflower - White Swan (50+ seeds)

    Coneflower - White Swan (50+ seeds)

    Beautiful and graceful, this white version of the popular wildflower Echinacea, or Cone Flower, is sure to make its mark in your Summer wildflower garden! Large blooms, up to 4 inches in some cases, bloom abundantly mid...

  • Garland Daisy (100+ seeds)

    Garland Daisy (100+ seeds)

    Garland Daisy Seeds As healthful as it is pretty, the Garland Daisy has been used in holistic and herbal treatments because it is high in potassium, carotene and vitamins and minerals. While we don’t recommend...

  • Nasturtium - "Moonlight" (20+ seeds)

    Nasturtium - "Moonlight" (20+ seeds)

     Nasturtium Moonlight Seeds - Tropaeolum majus With their beautiful pale, creamy yellow blooms on long vines, Moonlight Nasturtiums are a great choice for ground cover or climing trellises or fences...

  • Sunflower Sunset Lemon (30+seeds)

    Sunflower Sunset Lemon (30+seeds)

    Classic yellow-orange flowers feature large, dark centers and a non branching habit, perfect for cutting! Long, sturdy stems reach up to 62 inches with large flower Botanical Name:Helianthus annuus Dwarf...

  • Sweet Pea - Streamer Mix (50+ seeds)

    Sweet Pea - Streamer Mix (50+ seeds)

    With lovely variegated petals in a mix of pink, red, lavender and even peach, our Streamer Mix Sweet Peas make quite the statement in the garden, or the vase! Trailing branches can reach 5-6 feet and are simply...

  • Zinnia - "Candy Stripe Mixed" (100+ seeds)

    Zinnia - "Candy Stripe Mixed" (100+ seeds)

     Candy Stripe Mixed Zinnia Seeds - Zinnia elegans With varied, bright colors and interesting streaks and spots, Heirloom Candy Stripe Zinnias are just the ticket to bring some visual interest into your...

  • Zinnia - Bon Bon Mix (100+seeds)

    Zinnia - Bon Bon Mix (100+seeds)

    Large and vibrantly colored blooms of the Bon Bon Mix Zinnias are just the ticket to add some flash and flair to your spring and summer garden! A classic warm weather bloom, Zinnias offer long, sturdy stems that are...