Sunflower Orange Sun (30+seeds)

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Another double petaled variety, this time in a vibrant orange, Orange Sun are a guaranteed conversation starter!

An American native wildflower, the iconic Sunflower is an easy growing annual thats sure to brighten your day! Blooming summer and into the fall in most regions, Sunflowers known and loved the world over for their beauty and versatility! Long the subject of art and literature, the artists in the kitchen are just as familiar with this versatile species as the painter and gardener!

Different cultivars offer a variety of bloom colors in yellow, orange and red hues and sizes ranging from just a few feet, to towering giants of 12 feet or more! True to their name, Sunflowers will follow the sun’s path across the sky, smiling from horizon to horizon. Plant in a full sun location with well draining soil to enjoy this classic beauty for yourself!



Bloom Time:Summer

Height:40 - 60"


Native To:The Americas

Zones:4 - 9