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  • French Marigold (Dwarf) - "Dainty Marietta" (100+ seeds)

    French Marigold (Dwarf) - "Dainty Marietta" (100+ seeds)

     Dwarf French Marigold Danity Marietta Seeds A uniquely patterned Dwarf Marigold variety, French Dainty Marietta are low growing, perfect for borders, and offer bright yellow, single blooms with a...

  • Indian Blanket (100+ seeds)

    Indian Blanket (100+ seeds)

    Indian Blanket Seeds - Gaillardia pulchella seed Another delightful North American native, Indian Blanket is the annual cousin of Blanket Flower. Plant Indian Blanket seeds in a variety of...

  • Morning Glory - "Crimson Rambler" (35+seeds)

    Morning Glory - "Crimson Rambler" (35+seeds)

    Crimson Rambler Morning Glory Seeds - Ipomea purpurea Bright red blooms and large, heart shaped leaves, Morning Glory Crimson Rambler is a beautiful addition to your garden that's sure to win your affections...

  • Nasturtium "Fiery Festival" (20+ seeds)

    Nasturtium "Fiery Festival" (20+ seeds)

    Season: Annual Height: 12-14 Inches Bloom Season: Summer/Fall Environment: Full Sun/Partial Shade/Dry/Medium Zones: All Regions of North America Native to South America. Nasturtium is easy to grow and makes a showy...

  • Poppy - "Danish Flag" (100+ seeds)

    Poppy - "Danish Flag" (100+ seeds)

    A beautiful Poppy Seed variety, the somniferum "Danish Flag" is characterized by its bold color pattern. Vibrant red with a bright white cross through the center, this striking flower resembles the national flag of Denmark,...

  • Scarlet Flax (100+ seeds)

    Scarlet Flax (100+ seeds)

    A stunning diminutive wildflower, Scarlet Flax is a stunning addition to any wildflower garden. Unlike its blue cousins,Scarlet Flax tends to bloom in mid to late season. Plant them in...

  • Sunflower "Crimson Queen" (30+seeds)

    Sunflower "Crimson Queen" (30+seeds)

    Versatile and adaptable, this bold, red/orange bloom is offset by a striking dark center, making Crimson Queen a standout in your garden! Easy to grow, plant Sunflowers in a well draining, full sun location and watch them...

  • Sunflower "Red Sun" (30+ seeds)

    Sunflower "Red Sun" (30+ seeds)

    This beautiful dark centered variety has 5-6" flowers surrounded by glorious bronze-maroon petals. The plants grow 5-6 feet tall with 10 or more buds per plant. These produce exceptional cut flowers with long stems, lasting...

  • Sunflower "Sungold Dwarf" (30+ seeds)

    Sunflower "Sungold Dwarf" (30+ seeds)

      Flower Specifications Season: Annual USDA Zones: 3 - 9 Height: 18 - 24 inches Bloom Season: Summer to fall Bloom Color: Yellow Environment: Full sun Soil...

  • Sunflower (Dwarf) Twilight Zone (30+seeds)

    Sunflower (Dwarf) Twilight Zone (30+seeds)

    While technically a dwarf variety, Twilight Zone Sunflowers can reach heights up to 32 inches. This unique cultivar however features a branching habit and lovely yellow flowers, shaded with red. A favorite of cut flower...

  • Zinnia "Scarlet Flame" (100+ seeds)

    Zinnia "Scarlet Flame" (100+ seeds)

    Zinnias are outstanding in beds, borders, and containers, and they have a long bloom season, lasting until frost in the fall. Zinnia plants love sun and heat and only require moderate amounts of water. They are not...

  • Zinnia - "Candy Stripe Mixed" (100+ seeds)

    Zinnia - "Candy Stripe Mixed" (100+ seeds)

     Candy Stripe Mixed Zinnia Seeds - Zinnia elegans With varied, bright colors and interesting streaks and spots, Heirloom Candy Stripe Zinnias are just the ticket to bring some visual interest into your...

  • Zinnia - "Oriole" (100+ seeds)

    Zinnia - "Oriole" (100+ seeds)

    Oriole Zinnia Seeds - Zinnia elegans Beautiful Heirloom, double orange Zinnia Oriole provides splashes of vibrant orange hues to your garden, much like the songbird to which it owes its name. A fast growing...

  • Zinnia - Bon Bon Mix (100+seeds)

    Zinnia - Bon Bon Mix (100+seeds)

    Large and vibrantly colored blooms of the Bon Bon Mix Zinnias are just the ticket to add some flash and flair to your spring and summer garden! A classic warm weather bloom, Zinnias offer long, sturdy stems that are...

  • Zinnia - Sombrero (100+ seeds)

    Zinnia - Sombrero (100+ seeds)

    Bright and bold, these red and yellow bi-colored blooms are sure to make a statement in your garden! Growing up to 30 inches tall, this unique, single petaled cultivar is a knock out in the garden or the vase...