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  • Candytuft "Rose Cardinal" (200+ seeds)

    Candytuft "Rose Cardinal" (200+ seeds)

    Season: Annual Height: 10 Inches Bloom Season: Spring/Summer/Fall Environment: Full Sun/Partial Sun Zones: All regions North America Hardy annual. Candytuft germinates quickly and is in bloom within two months. This plant...

  • Coneflower "Echinacea" (50+ seeds)

    Coneflower "Echinacea" (50+ seeds)

    Season: Perennial Height: 2-3 Feet Bloom Season: Summer/Fall Environment: Full Sun/Partial Shade/Dry/Medium Zones: 2-10 Showy, clump forming herbaceous perennial that dies to the ground in winter and sprouts back in...

  • Cosmos "Candy Stripe" (100+ seeds)

    Cosmos "Candy Stripe" (100+ seeds)

    Season: Annual Height: 36 -48 Inches Bloom Season: Spring/Summer/ Fall Environment: Full Sun/Partial Sun Zones: All Regions of North America One of wildflowers that is also a popular garden annual. It is easy to grow with...

  • Everlasting Sweet Pea (30+ seeds)

    Everlasting Sweet Pea (30+ seeds)

    This everlasting sweet pea is very easy to grow from seed and makes a perfect ground cover or climber. Everlasting pea is a rhizomatous herbaceous long-lived perennial with trailing or climbing stems that produces...

  • Impatiens - Tom Thumb Violet (40+ seeds)

    Impatiens - Tom Thumb Violet (40+ seeds)

    Tolerant and versatile, our Tom Thumb series of Impatiens has a compact growth habit and large, lovely blooms! Perfect for borders, beds or containers, this violet flowered beauty usually tops out around 6 inches tall and...

  • Lavender- English (100+ seeds)

    Lavender- English (100+ seeds)

    Of all the scores of different lavenders, this one – Lavandula vera– is arguably the most popular. A delicate and versatile variety,lavender is especially cherished for its elegant appearance and lovely...

  • Silene "Catchfly" (200+ seeds)

    Silene "Catchfly" (200+ seeds)

    Height: 12-24 Inches Bloom Season: Spring/Summer Environment: Full Sun/Light Shade Zones: All Regions of North America Attractive annual or tender perennial native to Europe, but has naturalized throughout the United States...

  • Sweet Pea - Streamer Mix (50+ seeds)

    Sweet Pea - Streamer Mix (50+ seeds)

    With lovely variegated petals in a mix of pink, red, lavender and even peach, our Streamer Mix Sweet Peas make quite the statement in the garden, or the vase! Trailing branches can reach 5-6 feet and are simply...