Nasturtium "Fiery Festival" (20+ seeds)

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Season: Annual
Height: 12-14 Inches
Bloom Season: Summer/Fall
Environment: Full Sun/Partial Shade/Dry/Medium
Zones: All Regions of North America

Native to South America. Nasturtium is easy to grow and makes a showy display, with flowers from red to white, and orange to yellow. The flowers are known for their fiercely brilliant color. Although the blossoms appear delicate, they are actually very durable and make for vibrant and long-lasting garnishes, one of their best uses. Nasturtiums are a gardener’s dream, because they are virtually carefree once established. The plant will re-seed itself and come back the next year in mild climate.

Can be used on a trellis, in an empty spot of a garden or hanging over in a flowerbox. All plant parts contain mustard oil, and young fruits are used as seasoning and pickling. Leaves and flowers are used in salads and have a peppery flavor. The chopped leaves also make a zesty addition to mayonnaise or vinaigrettes, and you can use the blossoms either whole or chopped to decorate creamy soups, salads, butters, cakes and platters.


Sow Inside: Before last frost
Sow Outside: Spring/Summer
Seed Depth: 3/4 Inch
Days to Emerge: 14-21