Lemon Balm (250+ seeds)

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Lemon balm is a wonderful herb for container gardening. Its light, lemony flavor tastes wonderful, and it is easy enough to grow for a beginning gardener. Used in herb tea mixes, lemon balm is a must have for any herb garden. The leaves are 2 to 3 inches long, oval to almost heart shaped, shiny and wrinkled with scalloped edges. Small light blue to white flowers appear in late spring through midsummer.

Uses - Lemon balm is a total body soothing herb. It is an excellent choice for nervous disorders and to help strengthen the immune system. The lemony taste is readily accepted by children and is often included in children's mixtures for this reason. Excellent headache relief and bringing fast relief to rashes and bug bites, try making a tea and keeping it in the fridge for those summertime bothers. Taken as an herb tea alone or mixed with other herbs, lemon balm is a great standby for any herbalist's medicine chest.