Sunflower (Dwarf) Twilight Zone (30+seeds)

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While technically a dwarf variety, Twilight Zone Sunflowers can reach heights up to 32 inches. This unique cultivar however features a branching habit and lovely yellow flowers, shaded with red. A favorite of cut flower enthusiasts, no cutting garden is complete without Twilight Zone!

"Edible uses
Seed - raw or cooked. A delicious nut-like flavour, but very fiddly to extract due to the small size of the seed. Commercially there are machines designed to do this. 
Rich in fats, the seed can be ground into a powder, made into sunflower butter or used to make seed yogurt. 
When mixed with cereal flours, it makes a nutritious bread. Cultivars with up to 50% oil have been developed in Russia. 
The oil contains between 44 - 72% linoleic acid. The germinated seed is said to be best for seed yogurt, it is blended with water and left to ferment. 
The sprouted seed can be eaten raw.
Young flower buds - steamed and served like globe artichokes. A mild and pleasant enough flavour, but rather fiddly. 
 A high quality edible semi-drying oil is obtained from the seed. It is low in cholesterol, and is said to be equal in quality to olive oil. Used in salads, margarines, or in cooking. 
The roasted seed is a coffee and drinking chocolate substitute. Another report says the roasted hulls are used.

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