Root Crop Variety Pack (9 pkgs) Varieties may vary

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Variety Pack includes 9 seed packets:

Beets - Detroit Dark Red

(50+ seeds) 60 days. Detroit Dark Red Beets have robust flavor, intense color-bright crimson, with no white streaks or rings. Detroit Dark Red Beets are sweet and smooth-tasting.

Beets - Ruby Queen

(50+ seeds) Delicious dark red beet that is particularly good for canning.

Carrots - Scarlet Nantes

(300+ seeds) Popular as a sweet baby, slicer, or fresh market variety. A sweet and tender carrot with a cylindrical shape and blunt-tip. Scarlet Nantes have a bright orange-red color throughout. Very popular variety of carrot for eating fresh or cooked.

Carrots - Tendersweet

(300+ seeds) A uniform deep orange carrot with great sweet flavor. 
The Tendersweet is one of the sweetest carrots on the market! It has a rich orange flesh that won't fade and holds color during cooking. This variety is great for home gardens.

Radish - Cherry Belle

(100+ seeds) this radish is an early mature that retains fine eating quality all season. Round, smooth, scarlet beauties, 3/4" inches across with crisp, white flesh. Cherry Belle is ideal for garnishes or use in salads.

Radish - Early Scarlet Globe

(100+ seeds) Very easy to grow. Use in salads or sandwiches, or simply enjoy them raw.

Rutabaga - American Purple Top

(350+ seeds) Produces very large yellow roots with brilliant purple globes. The succulent flesh turns an orange/yellow color when cooked.

Turnip - Purple Top White Globe

(250+ seeds) this turnip has a fine grained root that can grow as big as a baseball! A great fall crop that gets better with cold weather.

Turnip - White Egg

(250+ seeds) Produces attractive and delicious crowns. Plant just about anywhere, but this variety tends to thrive in the south.