Garden Bundle Pack (20 packs) Varieties may vary

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Our Garden Starter Bundle Pack is a collection of our most popular varieties.  All are easy to grow and will fill your garden with delicious vegetable.  Also included are a few herb and flower varieties to make your garden complete!  Note: Varieties may vary throughout the season.


Beans - Royal Burgandy


Beets - Detroit Dark Red


Cabbage - Golden Acre


Carrot  - Tendersweet


Corn - Golden Bantam


Cucumber - Boston Pickling


Lettuce - (Butterhead) Buttercrunch


Okra - Long Green Pod


Melon - (Cantaloupe) - Honey Rock


Onion - Red Grano


Pepper - (Hot) - Serrano


Squash (Summer) - Early Prolific Straightneck


Tomato - Marglobe


Tomato - Beafsteak


Watermelon - Sugar Baby


Sunflower Seeds -  Orange Sun


Zinnia Flower Seeds- Scarlet Flame


French Marigold Flower Seeds- Tiger Eyes


Basil Herb Seeds - Sweet


Chives Herb Seeds - Garlic