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Variety Packs

  • Flower Garden (12- Packs)

    Flower Garden (12- Packs)
    $35.00 $25.00

    A new garden variety pack for all of you flower gardeners. This pack includes 12 Annual growing flowers inside of a burlap bag. Here is a list of the 12 flowers that are included:   Impatiens Seeds - Tom Thumb Violet...

  • Garden Bundle Pack (20 packs)

    Garden Bundle Pack (20 packs)
    $55.25 $46.96

    Our Garden Starter Bundle Pack is a collection of our most popular varieties.  All are easy to grow and will fill your garden with delicious vegetable.  Also included are a few herb and flower varieties to...

  • Garden Starter Collection (10 packs)

    Garden Starter Collection (10 packs)
    $26.45 $22.50

    Lettuce - Little Gem (250+ seeds) Squash - Early Prolific Straightneck (20+ seeds) Tomato – Roma (100+ seeds) Spinach - Bloomsdale Long Standing (100+ seeds) Cucumber - Boston Pickling (35+ seeds) Onion -...

  • Flower Pack - 5

    Pollination Variety Pack
    $12.50 $11.95

    Planting flowers helps attract bees of all kinds and enables them to continue their invaluable work for us by “keeping bad” bugs away, maintaining a balanced eco-system in your garden without the use of harmful chemicals...

  • Root Crop Variety Pack (9 pkgs)

    Root Crop Variety Pack (9 pkgs)
    $22.50 $19.10

    Beets - Detroit Dark Red Beets - Ruby Queen Carrots - Scarlet Nantes Carrots - Tendersweet Radish - Cherry Belle Radish - Early Scarlet Globe Rutabaga - American Purple Top Turnip - Purple Top White Globe Turnip -...

  • Salad Pack (6 packs)

    Salad Pack (6 packs)
    $15.00 $12.75

    The Salad Pack is a collection of some of the most nutritious greens available. Providing a high concentration of nutrients with fast-growing, easy-to-grow varieties for fresh eating in green salads or as excellent cooked...

  • Salsa Pack (4 packs)

    Salsa Pack (4 packs)
    $11.45 $9.75

    Product Description Tomato - Roma (100+ seeds) Cilantro - Coriander (65+ seeds) Pepper Hot - Jalapeno Early (100+ seeds) Onion – Southport White Globe (300+ seeds) Salsa recipe  Ingredients 4 tomatoes,...